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Relace has a wide
range of shops
which means that
you can pretty
much find any clothing
you've ever

Use Paypal

Our marketplace supports PayPal meaning that it is completely secure and you don't have to input any of your credit card details into our system. PayPal also allows you to buy with one click meaning that you will spend less time shopping than necessary.

24 Hour Support

If you encounter a problem using Relace ( which is extremely unlikely ) we have a team on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you resolve any problems you may encounter.

Vacation Mode

Afraid you'll be away when someone buys your item? Not to worry! At Relace we cater for everyone's needs and understand that people take breaks and don't want it to effect your shop, simply use the vacation mode to let all your potential customers that you won't be able to ship straight away but will as soon as you can!

Stores to consider!


Merseyside, England

Connor Hughes

Merseyside, England

I found Relace when I was browsing for somewhere to sell all of my old clothing which I don't wear anymore. Relace is the perfect environment for anyone looking to quickly sell any of their own clothes and have their own personal shop to show for it!

Isabella Smith

Shop Owner

I found Relace when I was browsing the internet looking for cheaper designer wear but still high quality. I quickly realized that this was the perfect website for me, I ordered 4 things and they all came within the week, I've completely gave up on high street shopping now and depend upon Relace!

Tom McGuiness


I was looking for a marketplace which would suit my needs as I was planning to start my own online business for clothing. Relace was the perfect place for me as it used PayPal which means all my sales were secure and refundable if anything went wrong, the community is also extremely friendly which is a bonus!

Michael Mylona

Shop owner